Privacy and security are the two core values of any gadget and is the main concern for users to protect their device. Apple focuses on two vital components as its priority. As the location feature is very common on IOS devices, which enables others to track your whereabouts easily, it is very crucial to prevent someone from tracking your location.
You might be wondering if can you tell when someone checks your location on iPhone.
Well, this guide will ensure your safety

Can Someone See My Location

Adding so many extra security features, apple has made it impossible to hack your device. Moreover, if someone has hacked your phone, then they might get access to your location. You wish to prevent them from tracking, then few ways are there to stop someone from tracking you.

How to See if Someone has Tracked my location

To answer your query, can someone see when you check their location, we have some simple methods to do so:-

  • All you need to do is to go to the “Find My friends” section on the app.
  • Choose the person you wish to check.
  • If their location is available, you will be able to view their location on the map.
  • If the location is not there, it means they have switched off their location-sharing feature.