After the Pandemic, the world has moved to another space called the virtual world. Many start-ups are established virtually and sell their products, and on the other side, many brands are growing using digital tactics. 

While you grow your business online, it’s important to have a quality online store. Develop the best quality eCommerce and deliver a seamless customer experience with these 9 key components brought to you by the website designing company in delhi

1. Mobile design: 

No wonder why you need a mobile design, not just to compete but to reach a wider audience. Today, more than 50% of people are surfing the internet through their smartphones. So, it’s important to develop a mobile design that helps the customer to access your eCommerce site with ease. 

Though while developing an eCommerce website, many commit the mistake of developing the site for larger screens/desktop versions, we as a website designing company in delhi recommend you to develop the mobile design first and later for larger screens. This will help you to build a more sophisticated and minimalistic site. 

2. Simple and easy navigation:

The problem with many eCommerce sites is the navigation. Simpler the navigation, the more effective website. So, engage in building simple and clear navigation for your business. 

If you are developing a more layered site such as Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart, then opt to plan it well, and remember to insert a search bar, if you have more products. 

Having a search bar is convenient since it helps the user to reach the target webpage easily. However, fewer webpage site doesn’t need one. 

3. Images and videos: 

Remember, there is no physical presence of the products you are selling. So, it’s essential to convince the prospects about the products, and you can do it through different things, images and videos are one of the ways to do so. 

You need to have high-quality images and well-shot product videos. These will help you to attract and engage the prospect about your products. The smart positioning of images and videos also plays a crucial role in selling them. Thus, you need to strategically plan the placement of images and videos. 

Make sure the products are shot from every angle, as mentioned, there is no physical presence. 


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