Most Sweeten contractors can refer you to an architect who they’ve worked with on past jobs if your scope requires their services. Depending on the scope, an architect can supply drawings for permits or the board, if required.

More comprehensive working drawings complete with MEP information can be drawn up if walls or the layout are being altered. Set aside 10-20% of your project funds for this service. Sweeten    apartment renovation NYC   homeowners, Ilene and Neil, brought in architect, Aaron Davis, to renovate their whole NYC condo. The project transformed the home located in a building constructed as a department store into a residential space. Some of the scope included relocating the front door, installing a new primary bathroom, and swapping a bathtub for a walk-in steam shower.

Renovate with a general contractor
Sweeten general contractors in NYC have the expertise to upgrade your home with a rip-and-replace project or full gut remodel. Some GCs may be able to help with limited design work. It’s best to meet with multiple firms on-site to get a good sense of their experience and their communication style.

Every renovation project requires a general contractor to oversee the daily construction work. Hiring a general contractor may best suit your job if there are no layout changes or tearing down walls; gas, electrical, and plumbing remain the same; and there are no changes that require DOB approval. You would also have a general idea of what you’d like to do with the space.

Work with a design-build firm
Working with a design-build firm means you will work with designers and contractors, all in one place. This increases efficiency and unity throughout your renovation project.

A smart move is to connect with a contractor early on to look over your home as is and talk about what you would like to achieve. A skilled contractor can spot the challenges that older buildings present and can also connect you with an engineer or architect that may be needed as the Registered Design Professional for your project.

The first step to getting started when planning your renovation is working with an insured and licensed contractor. At Sweeten, we can connect you with vetted apartment remodeling contractors in NYC who have experience with projects similar in scope to yours, familiarity with your neighborhood, and expertise in your budget.