External Battery Charger Pricelist Model: SBP-001 Wattage: NA Features: This Mean Well Battery Charger Manual programmer is able to work with computer and change the related charging parameter with simple connection (connection wire included). In addition, external power supply or battery is not needed when modifying the charging parameters. Mean Well Battery Charger Manual Q: What is the difference between Single Stage and Two Stage Power Supply? A: There are 2 types of Power Factor Correction circuits; one is Single Stage and the other is Two Stage. Single stage power supply combines functions of power factor correction and converter in one circuit but two stage use two separate circuits. Compared to Single Stage, Two Stage design is more complex and costly but the immunity performance of Two Stage PSU against AC mains is much better than that of Single Stage PSU; in addition, Two Stage manifests better ripple noises performance on output. Owing to that Single Stage is only suitable for fields with quality AC mains but Two Stage can be used in serious circumstance for LED drivers or as industrial switching power supplies. Q: Suggestion for select suitable LED power supply? A: If LED system is based on direct drive, units with adjustable voltage and current should be considered for flexibility in changing voltage/current levels. Dimming function may also come in handy when LED brightness control is preferred. Q: Does MW LED power supply allow adjustment of output voltage and current levels? A: LED power supply comparison table to see which MW LED power supply allows for V/I adjustments. A suitable unit can be picked based on the type of adjustment required. For the allowed adjustment range, please refer to the spec sheet. Tuning of the voltage and current levels can be done through the built-in VRs/potentiometers. PLN/ELN requires removal of the top cover in order to access the internal SVR1 and SVR2, see figure 9 for VR locations. For other series, the VRs can be accessed through IoADJ and VoADJ holes after rubber stopper removal. After adjustments have been made, please make sure rate power is not exceeded and the rubber stoppers are properly reassembled.External Battery Charger Pricelist website:http://www.jiangglobal.com/ac-dc-power-supply/external-battery-charger/