China Probiotics 1.Product Introduction The complete gene sequencing of each strain is completed, and there is a record in the National Biotechnology Information Center GenBank for query. The source is clear, the safety is guaranteed, and the intestinal characteristics of the population. 2.Main technical parameters Brand: Schulzlan Product Name: Probiotic Powder Main Ingredients: lactobacillus casei lactobacillus plantarum and bifidobacterium longum Flavor: Lemon Dosage Form: 3g Probiotics powder/ 15 billion bacteria per pack Function: Muti-Health Care Supplement Services: ODM Private Label 3.Product display 4.Product details 5.Intestinal health standards Intestinal B / E value> 1 Intestinal microecological balance The intestinal B / E value is between 0.01-1 and the intestinal microecology is slightly unbalanced Intestinal B / E value is less than 0.01, gut microecology is seriously unbalanced 6.Microbial detection platform 7.Cooperative 3a hospitals 8. Packing and deliveryChina Probiotics website: