It doesn't matter if you live in a one-room abode or a five-bedroom mansion; sometimes you simply need a little more privacy. However, a complete renovation is very expensive, and if you rent, it's out of the question altogether.

Luckily, it’s easier than you might think to divide up the space in your home, if you have a solid approach and the right furniture pieces. Most of these solutions are relatively simple to implement and are cost effective as well, so anyone can utilize them.

With some of the following tips, including the use of modern room dividers, you’ll be able to section off your available space so that it suits your needs better.

Implement the Bookcase Method
Making the best use of space is a common design challenge, and the better the solution, the more realistic it is. You can use perpendicular bookcases to separate rooms and maximize storage in a micro-unit.

While floor-to-ceiling bookcases aren't necessary, going vertical will create the impression of more space and is more practical.

Of course, bookcases offer added functionality as they can be used for a variety of items and decor.

Include a Modular Shelving System
A room divider's purpose isn't always to create a private area; sometimes it's only to change the look of a room. When this is the case, a simple modular shelf with backing may be all that's needed.

A well-made shelving system that separates the living room from the dining room and has enough space for more furniture can also be used as a room divider.

It's a challenge for everyone to create separate zones for lounging in a single space. If your studio is crammed full of books, coats, and shoeboxes of old photos, no amount of planning or design will help.

Keep your studio apartment well-organized while you make plans to subdivide it into individual rooms. Don't get rid of the things you need and/or like using, but do get rid of the things you love but don't have an immediate use for, and store the remainder.

Hang Blackout Room Dividers
You may find a suitable blackout divider at Legacy Decor, hang it anywhere you like, and change the curtain whenever you like, making blackout room dividers one of the simplest types of dividers to set up.

Since it is made of thick material, it effectively muffles outside noise and blocks out all illumination. Blackout room dividers reduce the amount of heat that comes in through windows, which makes a home more comfortable all year long.

Bring in a Modern Room Divider
When not in use, a folding modern room divider can be folded up and stored out of the way. The contemporary room divider can be used to separate private spaces, such as a dressing area or guest bedroom.

A modern room divider from Legacy Decor is a great option for dividing a room into smaller sections while still allowing natural light to pass through if you're lucky enough to find one that suits your aesthetic.

With its eye-catching design and chip-themed frame pattern, Legacy Decor's Modern Room Divider with Mosaic Cuts is a safe bet for any studio apartment with a modern aesthetic. You can also select from a three or four-panel layout, as well as a black or white overall design.

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