Choose a bookmaker carefully
Avoid small sports betting sites that don't look serious. Beware of odds comparison sites that feature dozens of bookmakers. Some bookies set exaggeratedly high odds to attract players and then never pay them out. Stick to bookmakers licensed in Europe like 1x bet and don't tempt the devil.

Make combos with few matches
You can make combos, but only with a small number of matches. Try to play carefully, avoiding multis with a lot of bets. Ideally, you should not combo, but if you do, try not to combo with more than 3 bets.

A match is NEVER won in advance
Avoid including the same match in all your combos, especially if the odds are below 1.10. It won't help you win much more, but it can lead to big losses.

Keep very strict records of your bets
This is necessary so that you know about your profits or losses. Also, avoid betting on obscure events. Focus on value bets.

Avoid Fullbank betting on one match
It's a make or break game. Bookmakers usually make money from this kind of behavior. The maximum bet should not exceed 10% of your balance. Smart management of your capital requires that you do not bet more than 5% on a single bet.

Be very patient
Money invested in bets should be considered lost even before they are played. Remember that you should not bet on games whose outcome has already been decided in advance. A team that has already qualified will not release the same game! The same applies to cup matches (in particular, the League Cup).

Avoid gimmicky strategies found on the internet
Some scammers try to make you believe in miraculous methods by pretending to be professional bettors. It's simple, there is no miracle method. Also avoid increasing bets, which may not make you lose often, but can be very dangerous if you get on a losing streak. Risk means that you double your bet on every failure.