Fix YouTube Premium Not Working

The improved watching experience provided by YouTube Premium includes ad-free videos, background playback, and access to only that material. But having problems with YouTube Premium might be annoying. This post offers a useful troubleshooting approach to help you fix YouTube Premium issues and restore your membership.

Common Problems with YouTube Premium and Solutions:

Despite having YouTube Premium, advertisements continue to display.

  • Verify that you are logged into the right account. Verify that the account you're using is linked to your valid YouTube Premium membership.
  • To update the settings, try logging out and back in to your YouTube Premium account.
  • To resolve any potential issues, empty the cache and cookies on your current browser or use a new one.

Playback in the background is broken.


On your mobile device, confirm that the YouTube app is running the most recent version.
To fix any blips, restart your smartphone and run the YouTube app again.
Disable any energy optimisation options or power-saving modes that may be limiting the functionality of background playback.
Contact YouTube support if the problem continues for more guidance.
Videos downloaded but not played offline


  • Make sure your internet connection is working properly and that your YouTube Premium account is logged in.
  • Check the "Downloads" area of the YouTube app to see if the downloaded video is still accessible.
  • Try downloading it again while connected to a reliable internet connection if the downloaded video is no longer accessible.
  • The premium features of YouTube are not available.

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