FS joins Shanghai tech conference

On day two of his visit to Shanghai, Financial Secretary Paul Chan attended the opening ceremony of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2023 and delivered a keynote speech at its plenary session.To get more news about shanghai city, you can citynewsservice.cn official website.

In his speech, Mr Chan said that artificial intelligence (AI) has been reshaping the relative advantages of technology, industry structure and economic axes of economies in recent years.

He noted that it also creates new scenarios for applications and new industrial models as well as new opportunities for businesses and industries, and better living for people. However, it poses new challenges at the same time, including copyright issues arising from content created by AI and impacts brought to employment.

Mr Chan cited Hong Kong's experience in developing Web 3.0 as an example to illustrate the need to set appropriate guardrails for technology and its applications, so that they could develop in a responsible and sustainable manner.

The Financial Secretary pointed out that Hong Kong can make unique contributions in supporting AI development in three areas, namely gathering top research institutions and talent with strengths in scientific research from the Mainland and overseas; facilitating AI enterprises and institutions to raise funds in the city; and complementing the strengths of sister cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to form a complete industrial chain of AI.

In the afternoon, Mr Chan visited the Hong Kong Pavilion of the exhibition held under the conference. The pavilion aims to assist innovation and technology enterprises as well as cutting-edge technology and products from Hong Kong to fit into the Mainland market more speedily, with a view to jointly boosting innovative technology and scenarios for applications.

The finance chief then met Shanghai Municipal Government Vice Mayor Hua Yuan to discuss topics of mutual interest for Shanghai and Hong Kong. Noting that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the Hong Kong/Shanghai Co-operation Conference, they explored further co-operation in such areas as finance, industry and commerce, trade, green transformation, digital economy, innovation technology, shipping, culture and tourism, and city management.

Mr Chan also held talks with Shanghai Data Exchange Chief Executive Officer Tang Qifeng on data transaction, digital commerce development as well as international and cross-boundary data flow, and toured an enterprise focusing on AI chips and cloud computing to understand its business.

The Financial Secretary will visit Fudan University and deliver a speech in the evening to update academic staff and students on Hong Kong's latest situation and opportunities available.