High quality flexible edge trim, automotive U channel plastic edge trim

Flexible edge trim is a plastic PVC trim with individual internal metal clips and gripping tongue to provide a stronger grip.To get more news about U Shaped Edge Trim, you can visit senpinghz.com official website.

PVC U channel edge trim also named edge protector, edge protection profiles, decorative edge seals, trim seal, etc. It simplify the finishing of unfinished edges, neutralize respectively cover sheet metal edges. Further more, they have desired effect of decoration.

PVC temperature range: -40°C to +70°C
PVC material with good properties, such as perfect stability; extremely good resistance to weather, ozone and UV, excellent to water, steam and chemicals etc.

Extruded PVC U shape profiles are widely used on automotive decorative sealing systems, electrical cabinet etc, it is very populare because of rich color and easy to install. we lso accpet OEM, sizes, color according drawing or samples to do.
Alright! Your Autopian in-house designer has returned! I’ve spent the last three weeks road-tripping around the Land of The Free (Drink Refills) and meeting some of my fellow inmates Autopians. I am now in a position to confirm the following horrifying truths: Torch lives in a proper people house and actually does wear pants, Mack Hardigraw is an internet Terminator in a human skin suit who gives good Columbian chicken, and David Tracy is not surrounded by a permanent cloud of dirt like Pig Pen from Peanuts and does indeed own The World’s Greatest Truck (which he graciously let me drive). But now I’m back on my damp little island with its revolving door of Prime Ministers and it’s time to get down to some serious design business. To wit: what the hell is going on at Toyota at the moment – are they suddenly making cars you might actually want to buy as opposed to wheeled white goods? Check out the 2023 Toyota Prius.

Overnight (and just in time for the LA Auto Show, where I understand there is some sort of fancy soiree happening that I’m not going to with shrimp served out of a wheelbarrow), Toyota revealed the new, fifth generation Prius and it’s quite the looker. No I’m not being my usual snarky self here – it’s a properly good looking car. I know we’re on the alternate timeline but what the hell?

The truth is quietly Toyota has been knocking out some quite tidily designed hatches for a couple of years now, but you’d be forgiven for missing them because they haven’t been available in the US. Both the Aygo X and Yaris Cross (a mini compact and sub compact, or Euro sub-B and B-class cars — see below) took the slightly overdone RAV4 language, removed the visual frippery and emerged looking much cleaner and leaner and all the better for it. Slightly less recently the GR86 has sanded off the worst of the previous model’s flicks and ticks and is looking more mature in an attempt to broaden its appeal and garnish more sales.