World of Warcraft 's latest public test realm WoTLK Gold is set to go live in the open on February 3 and comes with a variety of balance updates, combat adjustments and bugs that players can go through before the update makes its way into Live version of the Amazon MMO.

As previously announced in a previous post by Amazon Game Studios, February will not see the release of anything new for World of Warcraft, with the team focussed on bug fixes and enhancements.

World of Warcraft - Official Launch

"Deciding the best time to align resources to create new content or focus on improving the existing content is a delicate decision in a live game which is why World of Warcraft is no the exception," the February PTR announcement is written. "For the February update to our game we've put a period to put off feature development to focus on improving the current state of the game as it is currently."

One of the most noticeable changes are the improvements to combat's responsiveness. Switching between weapons will feel more fluid, as players are now able of swapping weapons when they are in the middle of dodges, reactions, making use of consumables, as well as exploring the surroundings. The ability to swap weapons and then putting it in queue for the ability or attack is now possible, allowing players to perform an action immediately following switching. Additionally the time required to cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold recover from dodges has been cut down.